Hundreds in the film industry walk the red carpet and sit expectantly to discover who wins the coveted Oscar for their niche this Sunday. We will watch and wait with them.


The film industry is their work. How do you walk the red carpet for your work and up onto stage to accept the Academy Award for increasing sales with greater productivity so you get out of the office earlier?


Here are 5 Strategies to Win an Oscar at Work:


Focus on the Part

As talented as you are, you have one part to play. Focus on that part and make it your role despite the distractions of a large cast of customers and teammates. Repeat the positive lines of success until you get them right. Filter out the negative experiences.


Focus mentally on playing a positive role.


Friend an All-Star Cast

You act with others on the stage of your work. You support at times and are supported at others. The production is more than a monologue.


Surround yourself with positive people as team members. Remove the Eeyore Vampire cast members—negative people—as swiftly as possible. They destroy morale. Productivity follows morale. Profits follow productivity. When profits evaporate, the red carpet fades to pink.


Relate positively with your cast and crew.


Find the Character

Believe you are the role you play. Live into it. Know that you were born to play this role. Think of it as your unique contribution to make to the world.


Put your whole heart into your Work Positive role.


Fixate on the Performance

Set a goal based on your metrics that spell A-c-a-d-e-m-y A-w-a-r-d.


Daily see yourself walking the red carpet at work, up onto stage, and accepting the Oscar for increasing sales with greater productivity while getting out of the office earlier to do what you love with those you love.


Then do the long hours of daily filming that leads you to completing your dream.


Strategically act to achieve your performance goals.


Finish with “Thank You!”

Be a gracious winner. Say “thank you” to the many players involved in your achievement—the customers and clients who bought tickets and voted for you, your fellow cast/team members, the screen writer, director, and producer aka your suppliers. They all contributed to your success.


And be sure to thank your Mom!


Receive your award with gratitude.


Go win your Oscar today as you Perceive, Conceive, Believe, Achieve, and Receive your Work Positive lifestyle performance!