I coach a lot of business people about various aspects of their lives and businesses.  A lot of them think of life as a rat race.


            Maybe you do, too.  You think of yourself as in a race with other rats, running around a track or a maze for whatever your cheese is, convinced there’s not enough of it to go around.


            Running a rat race is exhausting work so you’re tired a lot.  And one morning you look in the mirror while putting on your makeup or shaving and discover that your nose is longer and you have whiskers and tall ears.  Then you look behind you and there’s this really long tail.  You start to brush your teeth and your front ones are huge.  Yep, if your life is a rat race then you become one of the rats.


            But what if you just left the race to the rats?  And instead of competing against others and comparing yourself, you relaxed and focused on doing what you do best, using your passion and talents, knowing that there really is enough cheese to go around?  Live Positive and make a life worth living today, knowing there really is enough to go around.