I watched a Sunday night football game between the Chicago Bears and the New York Giants.  On that particular game day, the NFL participated in a breast cancer awareness promotion.  Since hot pink is the color of this emphasis, the players wore hot pink chin straps, towels, and their gloves had hot pink stripes on them.


            Now these hot pink stripes drew more than usual attention to the players’ hands—what they did with them and how they used them.  The NBC announcer Chris Collinsworth commented on a holding call on a receiver, saying something like, “Now I’m all for the reason why the players are wearing pink, but it sure does draw a lot of attention to what they do with their hands.”


            In other words, normally a wide receiver can hold and it’s harder to see it than it is when he’s wearing hot pink striped gloves.


            We reveal our true values by what we do when we think no one is looking…or can see our actions very well.


            Live Positive and make a life worth living today regardless of who’s watching.