You may not have the answer to this question, but you can discover it:  Which shoe do you put on first in the morning, your right or your left?  You may have to wait until tomorrow morning to get your answer.


            While you’re figuring that one out, also answer this one:  Do you put on both of your shoes, then tie them?  If so, which shoe do you tie first?  If not, which shoe do you tie after putting it on first?


            If you’re like me, I have no idea why I put what shoe on first and why I tie them like I do.  By the way, I put on my left shoe first, then my right, then tie my right, then tie my left.  Somewhere along the way, I got into this habit and frankly don’t know why.


            Which makes me think that you and I have some other habits we’ve chosen and don’t know why.  Some of these habits may be good ones.  Others not so good.


            Try putting your shoes on differently for the next 21 days.  And examine your other habits, too.  Which habits should you change so you Live Positive and make a life worth living?