A few years ago, someone mailed an absentee ballot to the Broward County, Florida Election Board with a rare and expensive stamp on it.  The famous “Inverted Jenny” stamp features a World War I-era airplane on it erroneously printed upside down.  Its appraised value is about $200,000.


            The solution sounds simple enough—return it to the sender, right?  Well, the envelope is in a box that by law can’t be opened.  Plus the envelope has no return address on it. 


            An anonymous fortune locked in a box isn’t worth much to anyone, is it?


            Do you have a fortune locked inside of you?  Our world population is over 7 billion people yet, there’s only one you.  That makes you uniquely created, one-of-a-kind; a valuable fortune.  But if you’re locking your gifts inside of you, remaining anonymous, you’re not worth much to anyone, are you?


            Today, unlock the valuable fortune of who you are and share your gifts with the world.  You are a one-of-a-kind so Live Positive today.