I did regular interviews on a radio station in Ft. Wayne, Indiana, WOWO, for a while.  I waited on-hold on the phone for my turn and heard my friend, Charly Butcher, announce the temperature from “the world-famous WOWO fire escape.”  So I just had to ask, “Charly, what’s the story?”


It seems that back during World War II, American soldiers from the Ft. Wayne area served in Europe and could actually pick up WOWO.  The thermometer at that time was mounted on the fire escape for easy viewing by the announcers.  The soldiers were always interested in comparing the weather back home with their own.  They wrote letters home, saying that the fire escape was now world-famous because they listened in Europe.  Soldiers in Korea some years later listened in also.  And that’s how the temperature came to be announced from “the world-famous WOWO fire escape.”


What’s your story?  You may be more famous than you think.  You could be heard around your world as you Live Positive and make a life worth living today.