A friend helped host a Children’s Choir from Africa.  She brought the children some fruit and bottled water to welcome them after their trip.  The kids really weren’t interested in it and instead started playing soccer.


            It was a warm evening and the children were sweating what with all of the running and playing.  Their chaperone gathered them from the playground to go with their host families.  My friend pointed out the fruit and water and the children took it with them as they left.


            Now my friend was really concerned that the water, which had been in a cooler but in her hot van all day, wasn’t cool enough for the kids to enjoy.  Well, she came back the next evening to help a meal and discovered some of the children still carrying their bottles of water, unopened.  In fact, some of the children didn’t drink their water until the next night—two nights after they received it.


            My friend says this was a big reality check for her—she was worried the water wasn’t cool.  The kids were just glad to have a bottle of water.


            What are you glad to have today?