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3 Ways to Cure Holiday Overwhelm

Has your to-do list grown overnight?   Yes, it’s “the most wonderful time of the year”…and yet many of us miss the wonder of it all due to the overwhelm at work that accompanies the holidays.   Here are 3 ways to cure your holiday overwhelm at work starting today:   Focus on Positive Strengths From Madison Avenue to Your Street, you are shoved toward an impending sense of lack during the holidays. This scarcity mentality afflicts you at work as well, shifting your focus to the negative.   Today, make a list of what’s going well with your business right now. Jot some notes about the strengths of 2017. Include percentage growth of revenue, significant product developments, additional team [...]

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3 Ways to Give Positive Customer Care for the Holidays

Our team ran up a steep learning curve in developing a new product line and the means to administer it. We experienced a great deal of change and discovered as we ran this race that exceptional customer care is an integral part of a successful process.   Here are 3 ways you can give the same positive customer care we experienced to your customers for the holidays:   Ask Great Questions While it’s easy to just “get started” with what you know, these companies first ask great questions. They began at 50,000 feet, i.e., big questions about our business goals, hopes, dreams, frustrations, and fears.   Then they drilled down to specific ways to accomplish our goals with the least [...]

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3 Reasons to Shop Small this Weekend

I’ll bet you go shopping this weekend.   So where will you go? And who will you do business with?   Create a positive impact with your holiday spending as you discover three positive reasons to shop local especially this Saturday, November 28, which is Small Business Saturday.   Personal Service You receive personal service from the relationships you form with local retailers who really want to help you find that just-right gift for your special someone.   I remember shopping as a kid with my parents. We went to see Mr. Alford at Clarks Department Store when I outgrew my dress clothes.  He was a friend of ours and the store was locally owned.  Mr. Alford always seemed to [...]

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Tap the Power of Thank You

There may be only one day a year devoted to giving thanks, but expressing thanks year round and doing it well is one of the most profitable business strategies you can have.   Numerous studies reveal that when you thank your customers, they spend more money and tell their friends about the exceptional service and products you deliver, increasing your profits. Volumes chronicle how employee productivity zooms when appreciation is expressed, raising your margins. Vendors go the extra mile to extend credit and deliver "just in time" when they hear gratitude regularly, and keep your cash flowing. Giving thanks works in business.   But you're already doing more with less and the last thing you want is another item on [...]

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3 Reasons to Positively Celebrate Birthdays

Friday is my birthday. It’s not a decade birthday or one of significance like I can now vote, drink legally, or qualify for Medicare. It’s just a birthday in the grand scheme of life, but every birthday is special to me.   You see, I have friends who aren’t here to celebrate and they left younger than me. I have family who aren’t here that were my mentors. I have friends facing the inevitability of a shorter life from cancer. Every birthday is special to me.   And that’s why I celebrate my birthday, but even more so, why I celebrate others’ birthdays as well. Some of my friends and clients even get birthday calls with some lucky few enduring [...]

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3 Positive Strategies to Finish Your Day Strong

Most business professionals today that I coach are overwhelmed. They get to the end of the day with an ever expanding to-do list and fall exhausted into the evening commute. They return the next morning after reversing the commute and fall exhausted into their desk chair, thinking, “Here we go again…” Guinea pigs and wheels come to mind, right?   And yet there are those who do more in a day than most do in a month. Who increase their sales with greater productivity and get out of the office earlier; who make a life worth living.   Ever wonder, “What’s their secret?”   Here’s one: they finish their day strong.   They understand that the concluding actions of yesterday [...]

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"How Well Do You Focus at Work?"

I was lying flat on my back in the grassy outfield, trying to come around. I had drifted back from my third-base position for the Little League team White Sox into shallow left field to catch a fly ball. I missed the ball with my glove and instead caught it with my forehead.   Someone said, “Son, you’ve got to keep your eye on the ball.”   Little comfort when your head is killing you and your ego is dead with embarrassment. And you find out later that regardless of how much you keep your eye on the ball, it won’t help.   I needed glasses. My focus was off.   How do you know when your focus is off [...]

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What Upsets You at Work?

It’s college football season. That means some ranked teams lose that are expected to win. They get upset and by teams that are unranked.   Teams win that aren’t supposed to win.   Upsets happen at work, too. You lose when you thought you were going to win.   What upsets you at work?   Here are three Work Positive strategies to help you deal better with your work upsets so you increase sales with greater productivity and get out of the office earlier to do what you love with those you love.   Manage Expectations There’s a fine line between focusing on positive outcomes, believing you will make them happen and expecting to win every one.   The first [...]

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"3 Positive Ways to Deal with Politics"

Is it just me or does politics dominate every newscast?   Even when there’s no news, someone digs up something insignificant and trivial to many, and yet important and tantalizing to many others.   The great political divide grows larger, exacerbated by an hourly dose of news.   So what can you do to increase sales with greater productivity and Work Positive in the midst of all of this political news?   Here are 3 Positive Ways to Deal with Politics:   Divert Your Attention The so-called experts and political pundits really know very little if anything more than you do about what all of these activities mean for your business. So why do you continue to soak in their [...]

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3 Strategies for a Successful 4th Quarter

The question du jour from our coaching clients is, “Where did 2017 go?”   Yes, the final quarter starts next week.   The question behind the question is, “How do we have a successful 4th quarter?”   Here are 3 Strategies for a Successful 4th Quarter so you increase sales with greater productivity and get out of the office earlier:   Reflect on Reality A primary leadership function, according to Max Dupree, is to define reality. Ask, “Where are we in 2017 with relationship to our goals?”   Do more than look at bottom-line numbers. Ask yourself and your team:   “What’s positively worked well?   “How can we do more of what worked well?   “Who did it really [...]

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