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5 Questions to Ask Yourself Daily

How do you create success in your business daily? Discover “5 Questions the Successful Ask Daily” from Dr. Joey Faucette, author of the best-seller, Work Positive in a Negative World, Executive Coach, and professional speaker.    

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5 Questions to Ask Yourself Daily to Succeed

While studying Great Depression businesses created by successful entrepreneurs, I discovered five core practices that were daily habits for them. They asked themselves five questions daily that charted their course to success.   You become a successful business person, also, by asking yourself these same five questions daily:   What Am I Thinking? Your success at work starts and stops in your head. Your thoughts guide your every action, relationship, and sale. Your thoughts either help or hinder your journey through the current economy. Your business either succeeds or sucks because of your thoughts.   Positively successful people guard their thoughts religiously, insuring that they only rent space to positive ones. They place border guards around their mind that maintain [...]

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