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3 Ways to Give Positive Customer Care for the Holidays

Our team ran up a steep learning curve in developing a new product line and the means to administer it. We experienced a great deal of change and discovered as we ran this race that exceptional customer care is an integral part of a successful process.   Here are 3 ways you can give the same positive customer care we experienced to your customers for the holidays:   Ask Great Questions While it’s easy to just “get started” with what you know, these companies first ask great questions. They began at 50,000 feet, i.e., big questions about our business goals, hopes, dreams, frustrations, and fears.   Then they drilled down to specific ways to accomplish our goals with the least [...]

By | December 6th, 2017|featured, work positive|5 Comments

3 Strategies to Give Positive Customer Service

The relationships you have with your customers are the most important assets you possess. Easy to understand and take care of, right?   But do you?   As I travel, I encounter a great deal of customer service and disservice. I discovered 3 Strategies to Give Positive Customer Service from some positive and negative experiences.   Listen As my assistant made reservations for my stay, the Marriott property had obviously listened to previous patrons and anticipated my needs. They asked, --“May we pick him up at the airport?” --“Will he want a ride to his meeting?” --“May we return him to the airport?” It was if they anticipated my every need. “We care” was the message.   My experience with [...]

By | August 23rd, 2017|featured, work positive|12 Comments
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