Board games are really popular again.  Have you ever thought about life as a board game?  Think about it.  In a board game, you’re always trying to advance your playing piece, regardless of whether you’re playing Life, Candy Land, or Monopoly.  You’re on your way somewhere.  Sometimes you draw a card and have twins or get stuck in Molasses Swamp or land on Baltic Avenue and other times, Boardwalk.  Sometimes you draw a “Get Out of Jail Free” card and other times you land on “Go Straight to Jail.”


            Sometimes you roll or spin your best effort and you advance 6 spaces and you celebrate.  Other times, you give it your best try, and advance 6 spaces, only to discover that you’ve got to go back 20 spaces.


            Life is like a board game.  Sometimes it just doesn’t make sense.  But yet, we keep playing, don’t we?  I guess that’s because we’re all going somewhere and will get there one day.


            Since life is like a board game, as you’re going somewhere, choose positive people as your traveling companions so together you will conceive a positive life.  That’s how you Live Positive and make a life worth living.