What’s it like for you waking up in the mornings?


Are you relaxed with plenty of time, getting yourself ready to have a great day?


Or, do you rush around because you woke up late because you just had to have 15 more minutes of sleep and now you don’t have time to fix your hair the way you wanted or iron your pants or hardly anything else but rush out the door?


In the first scenario, you made the decision that you could finish the movie the next night or read on-line about how the game ended and go to bed on-time so you would get enough rest.


In the second situation, you stayed up and finished the movie or chose to see how the game ended which means you went to bed late which further means you didn’t get enough rest and that made you sleep late.


Your body is supposed to cycle between activity and rest with balance between the two.  You can’t cheat one without affecting everything.  So Live Positive today and rest.