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Faith Positive Communities and Fellowships FAQs…with answers!

At least monthly. At most weekly. We suggest you start weekly when doing the 7 Weeks to Faith Positive Coaching Program. When you graduate to the Faith Positive Master Coaching Program, while you receive the videos weekly, they are themed monthly. So you can meet weekly—you discuss one video—or monthly—you discuss four videos.
We suggest 12-15. Small enough to miss you when absent. Large enough to carry discussions and care for each other. Start with who you have. Set a goal of 12-15 which means you’ll want to invite 20 or so to an interest meetup.
Well, you need at least 2 Fellowships to start a Community. From there, sky’s the limit. The ideal is however many the Holy Spirit leads you to start in your Community. Growth happens through multiplication. Read the Acts of the Apostles.
First, they do the 7 Weeks to Faith Positive Coaching Program. Then, members select one of the three Faith Positive Master Coaching packages. (Watch the video.) Each package includes a weekly Bible-and-Business video with activity guide you receive online. You watch it, do the activity guide, and discuss in your Fellowship gathering.
Allow 1.5 hours when you’re doing the 7 Weeks to Faith Positive Coaching Program. Allow an hour for Faith Positive Master Coaching. Unless a meal is involved. Then allow 1.5 hours so you avoid talking with your mouth full.
Yes, the Fellowship Leader receives a manual.
Anybody really. We strongly suggest it be someone who has at least completed the 7 Weeks to Faith Positive Coaching Program. However, if you’re just starting out, all of you can do it together and select who appears to be passionate about faith and work and equipped with the gift of leadership/facilitation.
The monthly Faith Positive Leader Coaching Call is for Fellowship Leaders. Your leader develops leadership and coaching skills, asks questions and gets answers. Also, your Leader tells us what your priority challenges and questions about faith and work are. We take this info and design Faith Positive Master Coaching themes and videos. We are really good listeners…
Fellowship Leaders comprise the Faith Positive Community Leadership Team. They take care of planning and implementing your Community gatherings for worship, workshops, and ministering Christ’s love to your community. A Faith Positive Community Leadership Team has about 12 Fellowship Leaders. Of course, if you have yet to reach 12 Fellowships in your Community you go with what you have.
Faith Positive Regional Leaders give leadership to the Communities and Fellowships in a designated region. These persons are your best friend in all things Faith Positive.
Yes. They work for you. We pay them.
First, pray. Every single Faith Positive Regional Leader has only one reason for serving: she or he is called by God.

Second, complete and submit the interest form below. Be sure to ask for a Faith Positive Regional Leader Position Description to discover more.

Nope. We belong to Christ alone. That being said, all brands of church folks belong to Faith Positive Fellowships and Communities from Baptists to Catholics and just about everybody in between. The word is “ecumenical,” right?
Short answer: what the Bible says. Long answer: click here for our Statement of Faith.
Email Info@GetPositive.Today.
Good news! All of our teams have real-live people. No zombies allowed. Please call 1.877.4DRJOEY (1.877.437.5639). Push a button. Get a real-live person. If everybody’s busy, leave a voicemail. A real-live person will call you back. Really.