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[i4w_onlyfor tagid=’706′]June Week 4: Set Your Clock to Work instead of worry[/i4w_onlyfor]
[i4w_onlyfor tagid=’704′]June Week 3: Set Your Clock to Faith instead of fear[/i4w_onlyfor]
[i4w_onlyfor tagid=’702′]June Week 2: Set Your Clock to Grace instead of guilt[/i4w_onlyfor]
[i4w_onlyfor tagid=’700′]June Week 1: Set Your Clock to The Way instead of the world[/i4w_onlyfor]

[i4w_onlyfor tagid=’660′]May Week 4: Bow in Victory[/i4w_onlyfor]
[i4w_onlyfor tagid=’658′]May Week 3: Boundaries Around Gloom and Doom[/i4w_onlyfor]
[i4w_onlyfor tagid=’656′]May Week 2: Begin Your Day Happy[/i4w_onlyfor]
[i4w_onlyfor tagid=’654′]May Week 1: Believe You Can Be Happy at Work[/i4w_onlyfor]

[i4w_onlyfor tagid=’610′]April Week 4: God Comes to Work Gently[/i4w_onlyfor]
[i4w_onlyfor tagid=’608′]April Week 3: God Comes to Work Calmly[/i4w_onlyfor]
[i4w_onlyfor tagid=’606′]April Week 2: God Comes to Work First[/i4w_onlyfor]
[i4w_onlyfor tagid=’604′]April Week 1: God Comes to Work Big[/i4w_onlyfor]


[i4w_onlyfor tagid=’347′]7 Weeks to Faith Positive:[/i4w_onlyfor]
[i4w_onlyfor tagid=’361′]Week 7: Celebrate and Sustain[/i4w_onlyfor]
[i4w_onlyfor tagid=’359′]Week 6: Receive[/i4w_onlyfor]
[i4w_onlyfor tagid=’357′]Week 5: Achieve[/i4w_onlyfor]
[i4w_onlyfor tagid=’355′]Week 4: Believe[/i4w_onlyfor]
[i4w_onlyfor tagid=’353′]Week 3: Conceive[/i4w_onlyfor]
[i4w_onlyfor tagid=’351′]Week 2: Perceive[/i4w_onlyfor]
[i4w_onlyfor tagid=’349′]Week 1: Adversity[/i4w_onlyfor]


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