You’re doing your best to integrate your faith into your work, and yet, what about home? If you’re working AND parenting, you know it’s a challenge to help your child grow an authentic faith through various phases of development. And it’s even more challenging with children at different phases. How do you do it all—work and home?


Dr. Joey’s guest today is here to help you. Kristen Ivy is the Executive Director of Messaging at Orange and the director of The Phase Project. In this episode, she provides specific tactics for you in parenting your elementary, middle school, and high schooled-aged children to own their faith in ways that best suit their level of understanding.


Kristen has an amazing resource available for free to Faith Positive Nation: free chapters of her books including It’s Just a Phase. Go to and get it today. And while you’re there, check out The Phase Project, 18 books that give you understanding and tactics for parenting your child with an authentic faith from birth-18 years old.