Dr. Joey’s guest today is award-winning Christian mystery writer Judy Kelly.

Her latest novel, “Blessings and Curses,” advocates for more women becoming priests. Her first novel, ‘That Ever Died So Young,” was a finalist in the Somerset Literary and Contemporary Fiction Award 2014: “The Weekend,” and “The Nun,” published in anthologies.

"Blessings and Curses" explores spirituality, hope, psychology & love through the eyes of a young woman who is ambivalent about becoming a priest even after she has completed seminary, because she believes she has a curse over her. In order to help her find whether or not she is led to the priesthood, her priest gives her an assignment – to pray with an inmate on death row. The theme of her book was in part inspired by her research which showed that a good many people who enter seminary school decide that they don't want to be a priest.

Hear Judy talk with Dr. Joey about the challenges of bringing your Christianity into your art.

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