Known as “the best guy to know on the worst day of your life,” Dr. Charles W. Page (or “Dr. Chuck,” as he’s known to his patients) is a Texas-based surgeon, author, and storyteller.   For the past twenty years, he has served as a healer for thousands of patients and a confidant for their loved ones.


With his book “A Spoonful of Courage,” Dr. Chuck has compiled some of the most inspiring stories of his career. Walking with each patient through their medical journey, Dr. Chuck experienced firsthand the life lessons that made them better, not bitter, filling their lives with joy, peace, and fulfillment during life’s most difficult seasons.


Listen as Dr. Chuck talks to Dr. Joey about how to find joy, peace and fulfillment during life's most difficult seasons.


To find out more, visit Dr. Page's website.  Or you can order his book.