Traumatic experiences occur on a daily basis in our world. They can leave either physical or emotional scars. Scars are permanent, and these marks have the potential to affect our lives in many ways. Recovery occurs in our minds, and not having the right mindset can prevent us from moving forward.


In his new book, “Scar Release,” Cody Byrns shares his story of the horrific car crash in May 2013 that left him with third- and fourth-degree burns over much of his body. These scars left him devastated, both physically and emotionally. Despite his gratitude for having survived the crash, Cody initially struggled to deal with the effects of the crash. He pulled through, and now works through those challenges on a continuing, daily basis in a positive, life-affirming way.


Cody shares with Dr. Joey how he was able to shift his mindset, as well as the role his personal faith played in that progress. Cody also dives deeper into a study of scars and understanding the importance of not allowing those scars to prevent us from achieving a life of freedom and abundance.