I admired a centerpiece floral arrangement on a table at a speaking engagement I did.  My eyes first went to the stunning white flowers in the foreground of the arrangement.  I couldn’t take my eyes off of them, until I realized that there were some more flowers behind them.  In the back of the arrangement were some of the deepest-colored burgundy flowers you’ve ever seen.  They were so very dark and it was easy to miss them in the arrangement.  After all, they were in the back of the container and they were so dark compared to the white flowers that lit up the room.


            It was then I realized that the reason the white flowers appeared so bright was because of the dark flowers in the background.  The contrasting colors made the white flowers all the more brilliant.


            Are you humble enough to step into the background and let someone else shine?  As you listen to life, you discover—life’s not all about you!  You can step back and another person can step up and your worth isn’t diminished.  In fact, it’s enhanced because you valued another.  Step back and make a life worth living today!