Someone called me recently and said that he’d read one of my books, that he’d really enjoyed it, and had started listening to his own life.


            “What’s going in your life now that you’re listening to?” I asked him.


            “Well,” he said, “just the other day I went to a new service station in town.  It’s one of those pay-at-the-pumps places.  I put my credit card in okay, but I couldn’t make the pump come on.


            “So I went inside and asked the cashier what to do.  She said for me to press the PRESS HERE button.


            “When I went back to the pump, there it was in huge letters, PRESS HERE.  I did, and the pump came on and everything was great…


            “…except I felt really dumb after missing that sign.  But then I said to myself, ‘Hey, Dr. Joey said to listen to life and make a positive life.’  So I did.


            “And I realized that’s what listening to life is all about.  Life teaches us everything we need to know and it’s so obvious, but we miss it.  That’s why listening is so important.”


            See the obvious as you Live Positive and make a life worth living today.