I listen to life every chance I can, discovering positivity in all sorts of ways.  I recently learned 10 things about life while playing tic-tac-toe.  They are:

  1. The game is not difficult to play.  Life is pretty simple, too.
  2. Reduce the complicated to simple steps and you’ll play a lot better. Pick a spot to call your own.
  3. Whether you’re the “X” or the “O” doesn’t really matter. We’re all human.
  4. Someone else may get what you want. Don’t whine.  Choose again.
  5. Pay close attention or you’ll miss an important move and lose. Deal in reality.
  6. Play with more than one strategy. Life changes fast.
  7. It’s okay to lose. It’s just a game.  Keep your priorities in order.
  8. When you win, it means someone else lost. What you do affects others.
  9. Most games end in a draw. So it really is all in how you play the game.
  10. How you react to the outcome doesn’t change it. Play again.