The part of the world where I live had some marvelous, beautiful, amazingly warm weather last month.  I’m talking about temperatures of 70 degrees and higher common for day after day.  Spring arrived early.  My daffodils popped up and bloomed virtually overnight.  My rose bushes started growing new leaves.  The maple trees turned red with buds.  The Bradford pears stood up and saluted all of us with their gorgeous white flowers.


            What a great gift—to stir from the sleepy, dull winter early!  I remarked about the beautiful weather everywhere I went.  The response I received back was pretty common:  “Yea, the weather is beautiful, but don’t enjoy it too much or else you’ll get used to it.  And we might have another cold spell.”


            Now I understand what they meant, but, listen: the only moment in time we have is right now.  Yesterday’s gone.  Tomorrow’s not here.  Avoid looking over your shoulder in either direction.


            Instead of just living life, make a life worth living and Live Positive today.