There once was a farmer who was an incurable grumbler.  Hiram grumbled about everything all the time.  He was never satisfied. 


One fall, he had the best apple crop for miles around.  The apples were plentiful.  There was a bumper crop.  And there were hardly any bugs on them.  You just couldn’t ask for a better apple crop than the one Hiram had that year.


Well, one of his neighbors stopped by to congratulate him, saying, "Well, Hiram, you sure ought to be happy now.  This is the finest crop of apples ever raised in this county."


Hiram shuffled his feet, grunted and then grumbled, "Well, I s'pose they'll do.  But where's the rotten ones for the hogs?"


Some of us just have to grumble no matter how great things are around us, don’t we?  So I guess working positive isn’t a matter of how great business is, but how we choose to react to it—grumbling or grateful.  As you Work Positive today, avoid grumbling like an Eeyore Vampire.  Instead remember you receive your Live Positive lifestyle and say, “Thank you” as you make a life worth living.