Through the years, our home has been a gathering place.  My wife and I decided when our daughters were born that we wanted our home to be “the place” where all of their friends wanted to come and play and hang out.  We have lots of friends, too, so rather than just go out to eat all the time with them, we like to have them over to relax and kind of “get away” at our farm.


            Repeat guests discover something on about the second or third time they’re over:  my wife has a refrigerator policy that goes something like this—“The first time you’re here, you’re our guests and we wait on you.  From the second time on, you know where the refrigerator is.”  In other words, you have what Dr. Will Miller and Glenn Sparks refer to in their book as Refrigerator Rights, a relationship that’s comfortable, informal, and intimate.


            Who has refrigerator rights at your home?  Invite some friends over for dinner this weekend and give them refrigerator rights so you can be comfortable, informal, and intimate as you Live Positive at home!