When I was a teenager, my dad, little brother, and I went hunting one day.  It was a crisp fall morning and we were having a great time together bird hunting.  In fact, one of us downed a bird and I went after it.  It fell over in one of my grandfather’s cow pastures.


            There was a tiny stream running through the pasture.  I thought maybe the bird had fallen in it so I stepped over to take a look.  All of a sudden, I heard what sounded like thunder and looked up to discover a small herd of about 25 cattle running straight for me, charging.  By this time, they were too close for me to outrun.  I thought about shooting the lead cow, but I knew Granddaddy wouldn’t like that so I decided to wait until the last possible moment before shooting.  I just stood there, not flinching, staring down that lead cow; my gun leveled just in case.  Right before she got to the stream, she stopped and the herd stopped too.


            The next time a life problem charges you, don’t run, don’t shoot; don’t flinch.  Have the courage to stand, stare it down, and persevere as you Live Positive and make a life worth living.