I was driving to spend some time with a coaching client.  It was a nice day and all was going well as I drove along the recently paved four-lane highway.  I had some of my favorite tunes playing, the sunroof open blowing through what’s left of my hair, the sun massaging my neck with Vitamin D—it was a good day.


            I picked up my directions from the seat beside me and glanced at them, and then at my phone’s clock.  “Yep, right on time,” I thought, took the next exit, turned left and headed off…


            …in the wrong direction.  I didn’t realize it until about 10 minutes further down the road when I was due to arrive at the restaurant…and it wasn’t there.  So I pulled over, read the directions again, noted that I should have turned right, not left, and headed back up the road.


            I called my client to let him know I’d be late and he was, too.  I was aggravated with myself, until I thought, “It’s going to take the same amount of time to get there whether I’m aggravated or not.”  So I cranked up the tunes, enjoyed the sunshine and a huge dose of positivity all the way there.


            Relax and enjoy the ride, even the detours, as you Live Positive today and make a life worth living.