I sat in one of those comfy chairs in the mall; the kind they put there for Dads when they’re sent out of the clothing store for asking, “What about this?” for the hundredth time.  And so I sat watching people go by.


            One family had a toddler who was just catching on to walking.  She would take a few steps, her face lighting up with the biggest, prettiest smile you’ve ever seen, and then all of a sudden, she lost her balance and sat down.  Her family encouraged to get up and try again, which she did; her smile resplendent once more.  After a few more steps, she’d plop down, then stand up and give it another go.  She spent just about as much time on the floor as she did walking.  But with her family’s encouragement, she kept trying.  They knew that one day she would walk without falling.


            Today, someone around you is going to fall, make a mistake; blow it.  Avoid criticizing them.  Instead encourage them, believing that one day they will get it right.  Live Positive by encouraging someone today and help them make a life worth living.