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Life’s about the little things, isn’t it?

I spoke to a group recently, telling stories like this one while coaching them to listen to life.  Later I saw a man from the audience in the restroom.  He shook my hand firmly, looked me in the eye, and said, “Thank you for what you said.  I really enjoyed it and you reminded me of something that I might have forgotten.”   “What’s that?” I said.  I love it when people tell me their stories.   “Well,” he said, “when my wife and I were first married, she did something that irritated me.  You see, my Mama raised me to always hang the toilet paper so that it fell under the roll.  Well, my wife hung the toilet paper [...]

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What are you building?  

I’m like most men—I enjoy finding some project to do around our farm so I can go to the hardware store and look at the power tools and other important things I need.  One time I was building a wooden fence with a couple of gates.  Of course that meant a trip to the store to look at hinges and latches.   Now I’m by no means an expert on hinges which means I was forced to do what most of us men dread doing—ask for help.  The associate made it easy on me though.  He offered.  I figured it was less disgraceful that way.   So I tell him what I’m doing, give him the dimensions of the gate, [...]

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Do you forgive and forget?

Our school system was integrated when I was in 5th grade.  Carlton had never had a white friend before me, but we became friends despite the daily bomb threats and riots.  We haven’t seen each other since high school graduation, but recently Carlton and I got back together.  And he told me this story.   My dad gave me a really nice pen.  Carlton loved that pen probably more than I did so I let him take it home one weekend.  Well, his little sister found the pen and while playing with it, broke it.  Carlton says he was so ashamed and hurt to have to bring it back to me that way, but he did anyway.  He explained what [...]

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What do you do when it snows?

Have you ever seen a Lab puppy playing in the first snowfall he’s ever seen?  It’s absolutely hilarious watching him.  He tries to catch the snow as it hits the ground.  Then, when he can’t do that, he jumps in the air trying to catch the flakes and when he does catch one, of course, it dissolves in his mouth and he doesn’t understand where it went.  And when the ground is covered, he and his Lab brothers and sisters chase each other in it, sliding around, playing in the snow; having the time of their lives.   Now contrast the Labs playing in the snow with the people who get grouchy because they can’t get out of their driveway.  [...]

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How’s your timing?

We’re quite fond of what I call “salad in a bag” around our home.  It’s a lot more convenient than buying all of these vegetables and slicing and dicing them.  You just open the bag, reach in and grab a handful, put it on your plate, pour your favorite dressing on it, and voila!  You’re eating salad.   I’ve noticed that once that bag is open though, it doesn’t matter how tightly I seal it, or if I put it in another bag, that salad is going to spoil pretty quickly.  You’ve got to eat that salad in a bag for several days in a row if you want to enjoy it.  Leave it for a week or so and [...]

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Where is your fortune?

            A few years ago, someone mailed an absentee ballot to the Broward County, Florida Election Board with a rare and expensive stamp on it.  The famous “Inverted Jenny” stamp features a World War I-era airplane on it erroneously printed upside down.  Its appraised value is about $200,000.               The solution sounds simple enough—return it to the sender, right?  Well, the envelope is in a box that by law can’t be opened.  Plus the envelope has no return address on it.                An anonymous fortune locked in a box isn’t worth much to anyone, is it?               Do you have a fortune locked inside of you?  Our world population is over 7 billion people yet, there’s only [...]

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Is your calculator clear?

I have to admit that I’m better with words than numbers.   I have several friends who are accountants and I’m very grateful each of them enjoys running numbers.  I’m much better processing words.   So when I pull out a calculator, which I did recently, it’s against my better wishes and is totally necessary.  Only I couldn’t get it to work correctly.  Pretty soon, I discovered that the problem wasn’t with the calculator, but with me.  I wasn’t clearing the calculator before trying to do another function which meant I was piling up about three functions at a time.   Life is like that calculator.  If you don’t clear a negative conversation with a client at work out of [...]

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Few things in life last forever, do they?

I was packing a case of my books to ship to a business woman who purchased them to use as client appreciation gifts. I needed a marker to write on the boxes so she’d know what was inside.   I dug around in my desk drawer and found a pack of markers in the back. They had never been opened so I opened them, pulled out a blue one and started writing. But the marker was dry.   I thought about it and realized that I couldn’t remember buying the markers. I found them in the back of my drawer so I have no idea how long I had had them, but evidently long enough for the ink to dry [...]

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What day is it for you?

One of my nieces celebrated her 4th birthday a few years ago.  She and her mom were going somewhere together in their van shortly after her birthday.  And all of a sudden, she says to her mom, “Well, it’s day two.”   “What do you mean, ‘It’s day two?’” the mom asked.   And my niece replied, “It’s day two after my birthday, Mommy!”   She reminds me of my grandfather in his later years.  If he was 86 years old, he would say, “I’m in my 87th year.”   Both my niece and my grandfather celebrated their birthdays by looking forward, excited not just by the day itself, but by the prospects of celebrating life in all of its [...]

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What’s one little thing you can do today?

I did an interview with a radio station in the Detroit area the year Detroit and St. Louis played in the World Series.  They gave the weather forecast just before I came on.  It called for cold rain and the possibility of snow.   The guy on this morning team was a huge Tigers fan.  So I asked him, “Hey, are the Tigers going to win the Series in the snow?”   And he said, “I don’t care how they win it just so long as they win it.  But it’s hard to tell this time of year.  The only difference between rain and snow is about one degree.”   I’ve thought about that a lot.  One degree, one little [...]

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