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Life’s about the little things, isn’t it?

I spoke to a group recently, telling stories like this one while coaching them to listen to life.  Later I saw a man from the audience in the restroom.  He shook my hand firmly, looked me in the eye, and said, “Thank you for what you said.  I really enjoyed it and you reminded me of something that I might have forgotten.”   “What’s that?” I said.  I love it when people tell me their stories.   “Well,” he said, “when my wife and I were first married, she did something that irritated me.  You see, my Mama raised me to always hang the toilet paper so that it fell under the roll.  Well, my wife hung the toilet paper [...]

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Faith Positive Radio: Katie Cline and Charis Boone

Today’s guests on Faith Positive Radio felt called by God to help families in a very unique way.   Katie Cline and Charis Boone are with the NRFA…the National Registry For Embryo Adoption. They include people with first-hand experience in child and embryo adoption or donation.   They created this service specifically to ease the challenges of donating embryos or finding a match in their adoption registry. They try to take the frustration out of the adoption process to make adopting or matching easy and fast.   Check them out at: 

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3 Ways to Cure Holiday Overwhelm

Has your to-do list grown overnight?   Yes, it’s “the most wonderful time of the year”…and yet many of us miss the wonder of it all due to the overwhelm at work that accompanies the holidays.   Here are 3 ways to cure your holiday overwhelm at work starting today:   Focus on Positive Strengths From Madison Avenue to Your Street, you are shoved toward an impending sense of lack during the holidays. This scarcity mentality afflicts you at work as well, shifting your focus to the negative.   Today, make a list of what’s going well with your business right now. Jot some notes about the strengths of 2017. Include percentage growth of revenue, significant product developments, additional team [...]

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"Original You"

How original are you at work? Discover your originality with Dr. Joey Faucette, best-selling author and Executive Coach.  

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Where is your fortune?

            A few years ago, someone mailed an absentee ballot to the Broward County, Florida Election Board with a rare and expensive stamp on it.  The famous “Inverted Jenny” stamp features a World War I-era airplane on it erroneously printed upside down.  Its appraised value is about $200,000.               The solution sounds simple enough—return it to the sender, right?  Well, the envelope is in a box that by law can’t be opened.  Plus the envelope has no return address on it.                An anonymous fortune locked in a box isn’t worth much to anyone, is it?               Do you have a fortune locked inside of you?  Our world population is over 7 billion people yet, there’s only [...]

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Faith Positive Radio: Dave Cornell

What does it mean to live an intentionally courageous life? Today’s guest on Faith Positive Radio had to show courage when he and his wife lost their job in the middle of the recession.   Dave Cornell had to move outside of his comfort zone and re-discover the gifts God had given him. He’s used those gifts to speak to thousands about the nature of courage.   You can find more information on his website at!    

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3 Ways to Give Positive Customer Care for the Holidays

Our team ran up a steep learning curve in developing a new product line and the means to administer it. We experienced a great deal of change and discovered as we ran this race that exceptional customer care is an integral part of a successful process.   Here are 3 ways you can give the same positive customer care we experienced to your customers for the holidays:   Ask Great Questions While it’s easy to just “get started” with what you know, these companies first ask great questions. They began at 50,000 feet, i.e., big questions about our business goals, hopes, dreams, frustrations, and fears.   Then they drilled down to specific ways to accomplish our goals with the least [...]

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A Cracker Jack Christmas?

How much do you compare yourself at this time of year? Find what to do when you feel empty at work from Dr. Joey Faucette, best-selling author and Executive Coach.    

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What day is it for you?

One of my nieces celebrated her 4th birthday a few years ago.  She and her mom were going somewhere together in their van shortly after her birthday.  And all of a sudden, she says to her mom, “Well, it’s day two.”   “What do you mean, ‘It’s day two?’” the mom asked.   And my niece replied, “It’s day two after my birthday, Mommy!”   She reminds me of my grandfather in his later years.  If he was 86 years old, he would say, “I’m in my 87th year.”   Both my niece and my grandfather celebrated their birthdays by looking forward, excited not just by the day itself, but by the prospects of celebrating life in all of its [...]

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Faith Positive Radio: Natalie Ard

Are you just a big ‘ol kid at heart?  Then you’re going to LOVE this week’s Faith Positive Radio guest.   Natalie Ard is the founder of Star From Afar Kids. They create inspirational, interactive games and toys that help children “play with a purpose.”   You can check out their offerings at!

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