Our older daughter flew to London to study for a semester abroad through her university’s invitation. It was a once-in-a-lifetime experience for her.


            Our family had a rather tearful farewell with her in the airport. The prospect of not seeing her at all for three months was somewhat sad. My wife and younger daughter wanted to wait until she cleared security and customs so we did. We strained our necks and my wife stood in a chair to watch as our daughter’s bags were opened and examined. She went through with no problems of course and having cleared, she walked on towards her gate. 


            My wife said, “She didn’t even look back and wave good-bye!”


            I reminded her, “Honey, she didn’t look back the day she walked into her kindergarten classroom. Why should she start now?”


            And you really shouldn’t either. Looking back constantly keeps you from joyfully stepping into a most wonderful future of great adventure. 


            So keep looking forward into the fantastic new day prepared for you as you Live Positive and make a life worth living today.