I listened as a State Policeman described an accident.  The driver was traveling way too fast one night and missed a curve, that is, literally didn’t see the curve, and drove straight through it.


I asked, “What do you mean he missed the curve?  Do you mean he didn’t turn his wheels enough to make the curve?”


“No,” the officer said.  “He literally missed the curve.  He was speeding so fast that he didn’t see the curve.  It was night and his headlights didn’t light up the curve soon enough for him to react and turn his wheels.  He outran his headlights.”


I know life is very fast-paced today.  That you’re probably asked to do more than one person possibly could in a work day.  Or, that your family heads off in six different directions at once.  Before all of this high-speed living wears you out, before you outrun your headlights, slow down some today.  Just say “No” to something and sit down with your family or a friend and enjoy a few minutes to listen to your life so you can Live Positive and Work Positive as a human being, not a human doing, today.