I coach a lot of people who think of themselves as human doings, not human beings; folks whose spirits are dry, who’ve run out of energy and excitement.  I coach them to listen to their lives and make a positive life, not just a living, and that yes, they can do that and no, their business is probably not going to help them do it.  I coach them to make memories of today.


Here’s an example.  I received an email from a friend recently who graduated from high school about 50 years ago.  There was a young man from Finland, an exchange student, in her graduating class.  The two of them had written and talked over the years, but not seen each other since graduation…


…until the previous month.  She and her husband left their business in good hands and went to Finland to visit her classmate.  They had a great time, enjoying being with him and seeing the gorgeous Baltic Sea and other Finnish wonders.


Life is way too short for you to sell your soul to the company store.  Starting now, Live Positive and make a life worth living.