Do you drive the same way home every day when you get off of work?


            So what would happen if you drove a different way home from work today? You’d see something new, potentially exciting and your mind would disengage from work more efficiently.


            Do you eat in the same restaurant really often and find yourself ordering the same thing just about every time?


            What would happen if you ate in a different restaurant on a different night of the week? Or, ate at the same restaurant, but ordered something you’d never eaten there before?  You’d see new people, and experience new tastes.


            Do you ask for the opinions of the same people every time you’re working on a project? What would happen if you asked the opinions of others, even those you usually disagree with? You’d benefit from viewpoints other than just those who agree with you.


            Spring cleaning your life includes washing your windows of perception so that you can see beyond what everyone else does as you Live Positive and make a life worth living today.