Our team ran up a steep learning curve in developing a new product line and the means to administer it. We experienced a great deal of change and discovered as we ran this race that exceptional customer care is an integral part of a successful process.


Here are 3 ways you can give the same positive customer care we experienced to your customers for the holidays:


Ask Great Questions

While it’s easy to just “get started” with what you know, these companies first ask great questions. They began at 50,000 feet, i.e., big questions about our business goals, hopes, dreams, frustrations, and fears.


Then they drilled down to specific ways to accomplish our goals with the least amount of frustration in implementation. They helped us put it in place and taught us how to do it independently.


What great question will you ask a customer today as you give exceptional customer care?


Listen and Then Answer

After asking great questions, they listened.


Really listened.


What a gift! No FAQ list url. No anticipation or presupposition.


They employed the active listening technique of accurate empathy. They let us know they were listening by using some of our words in their response. Such empathy lowered the learning curve for us, eliminated accompanying hesitations, made it all more manageable, and we walked on up that hill.


How will you listen first and then answer today as you give exceptional customer care?


Give Respect

We had the sense that they were walking up the steep learning curve with us. That they could see from our perspective. They wanted to help us understand. They desired to serve us without making us feel ignorant at best and stupid at worst.


They respected us.


Every phone call and email was their “pleasure,” “why we’re here,” and “please let me know what I can do for you.”


One even asked for an update to see how she could help without our asking!

How will your customers know you respect them today?


Sure, the holidays are a busy season for everyone.


What a wonderful opportunity for you to give positive customer experiences in a crowded, hurried-up marketplace.


Give positive customer care for the holidays as you ask great questions, listen and then answer, and give respect.