Ever notice that you remember best the parting words of a conversation? The last sentence your spouse says in the morning as you walk out the door. The concluding words of the team meeting.


A song that sticks in your head is most likely the last one you heard on your commute.


The identical principle applies to your work day. The concluding actions of yesterday ring loudly as you greet tomorrow-becoming-today.


Here are three strategies for you to finish your day strong so you prepare for a productive tomorrow:


Complete a Task

Interruptions are a given, an expected, regular occurrence. You grab the hose and put out fires daily.


The byproduct of these chronic productivity hiccups is incompleteness. You struggle to complete a task and that’s an emotional drain.


Find a task, even a small one, to complete before you leave for home. Arrange your desk. File papers or documents. Make tomorrow’s to-do list. Anything.


Completing one task at the end of your day creates a positive sense of satisfaction that greets you the next morning. It’s refreshing to walk in and re-experience yesterday’s success. It launches your confidence for completion in a new day.


Commit to fun with family and friends

You read a lot about work/life balance which looks great from 50,000 feet. Yet from where your feet hit the ground, it’s a tough act to balance.


Do this one thing: commit to fun with your family and friends. Define fun with them. Playing “Pretty, Pretty Princess” with your daughter. Tossing football with your son. A romantic meal you cook at home for your honey. Shooting hoops with the guys. A spa trip with the sisterhood. It’s all fun!


Commit to fun. Schedule it. Budget it. Do it.


Increase your productivity with it.


Cut off the TV

If you go to sleep immediately following the evening news or an episode of The Walking Dead, guess what your subconscious works on overnight? Fixing the national deficit. Catching a murderer. Running from zombies.


Instead, cut the TV off at least 10 minutes before you go to sleep. Write in your Work Positive Gratitude Diary. Give your mind something positive to process overnight. Wake up more refreshed.


Finish your day strong and create a better tomorrow. Do more in an hour than most business professionals do in a month so you can leave the office earlier to do what you love with those you love as you Work Positive in a negative world.