“What have you done for me lately?” is the client attitude du jour. And by “lately,” they mean very recently. The number of client experiences with and impressions from your competition expands daily with a multitude of tech-driven access points.


Client engagement—from relationship to results—is a key to your increasing sales with greater productivity to get out of the office earlier to do what you love with those you love.


How do you strategically engage your clients?


Here are 3 Strategies to Engage Clients for more business:



Your clients are inundated daily by distractions. Some of it is part and parcel of the 24/7, always-on culture today. There are welcome distractions from friends and for entertainment. There are more interruptions they didn’t ask for or anticipate.


You rise above the distracting crowd as you initiate contact with your clients. Your company name is quickly recognized and welcomed. You maintain your top of mind position as a part of their home team. You are someone they trust to help.


You give them a reason to strengthen their grip on you as you initiate. They remember what you’ve done for them.



Your clients remember what you’ve done as you initiate, but the “lately” factor is important to consider.


Of course you benefit from their doing business with you as often as appropriate. They do, too. Remind them of the continuing benefits of doing business with you. Reward them for sending their friends. Or, ask specific questions that build on your current relationship, e.g., “You find value in xyz service/product. Other clients like you have also found benefit from abc service/product. When is best for us to talk about it?”


Interest them by building on the current value equation with something that answers the “lately” question.



To more strategically grow results from your client relationships and drive more revenue, insure you engage in two primary ways:


First, ask questions. These can range from more personally-oriented, e.g., “How’s that new grandbaby?” to “What’s working well for your business these days?” Our favorite subject is always “me.” Only positive responses arise from such questions.


Second, listen and offer appropriate solutions/answers. How will that new grandparent help meet the challenge of rising tuition costs? If you’re the financial advisor, you have a solution. How will the IT needs change as business grows? If you’re the IT consultant, you have an answer to make it easier for your client.


Engage your clients as you initiate contact with them in interesting ways and prompt their business to grow…and grow your own!