The question du jour from our coaching clients is, “Where did 2017 go?”


Yes, the final quarter starts next week.


The question behind the question is, “How do we have a successful 4th quarter?”


Here are 3 Strategies for a Successful 4th Quarter so you increase sales with greater productivity and get out of the office earlier:


Reflect on Reality

A primary leadership function, according to Max Dupree, is to define reality. Ask, “Where are we in 2017 with relationship to our goals?”


Do more than look at bottom-line numbers. Ask yourself and your team:


“What’s positively worked well?


“How can we do more of what worked well?


“Who did it really well?”


These questions focus on the best achievements of the previous three quarters.


Next, ask:


“What can we improve?


“How can we do it better?


“Who will do it?”


These questions focus on growth strategies.


The answers to each set of questions define your current reality, the essential starting point for a strong finish to 2017.


Redefine Reality

With your 2017 reality defined, move to redefining it.


Ask yourself, “Where do we want to be?”


The mental pull of the familiar is magnetically attracted to your current practices. The way you’ve done it in the first three quarters is your default regardless of how you evaluate results. Your inclination is to keep doing what you’ve done even if it didn’t work so well.


Fill up with the jet fuel of imagination to redefine reality. Focus on where you want to be.


Ask, “How can we build on what’s working well?”


Your answer stairsteps success as your mind interprets current achievements as having left the shore of uncontrollable market conditions. You are mentally freer to do more and better.


Reinvigorate Reality

With your business reality defined—“Where are we?”—and redefined—“Where do we want to be?”—the final question to ask is, “How do we get from where we are to where we want to be?”


Here is your growth edge for a successful fourth quarter. It requires you to discover some new action that defies the pull of the familiar shore and casts you out onto the seas of opportunity, sails trimmed toward your destination.


Identify and target positive course changes. Endure the incumbent mutiny.


Dedicate time, energy, and attention to at least one big idea sail adjustment for the dock of increased sales with greater productivity. Implement today three SMART action steps with defined mile markers at October 31, November 30, and December 31.


Where did 2017 go? Where all years go…one day at a time.


How can you have a successful 4th quarter?


Reflect on, redefine, and reinvigorate your reality to increase sales with greater productivity and get out of the office earlier.